About The Artist


Born in Burlingame, California, David Saccheri spent the majority of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked as an illustrator and conceptual artist in the computer gaming and film industries. He has illustrated books and websites, and has taught digital and fine art both privately and at the college level. These days David lives with his lovely Paula in the Pacific Northwest, where he writes, paints, and surrounds himself with those he loves, and gardens at his storybook house, longing for a more enlightened world and ruing the demise of civility, integrity, and kick the can.

A Note from the Artist:

I paint in a style that I have labeled ‘Photo-Impressionism,’ and as I am a lover of color, I’ve included many Details or Close Ups of my work on this site, making the brushstrokes more evident. I do this because color and its multiple strokes create a visual beauty that excites my artistic sensibilities, and this is part of what I wish to share with the viewer. I hope you enjoy.

You may also wish to visit my Online Portfolio, showing artwork from film and game, as well as illustrations for website and publication at Saccheri Portfolio

Inquiries contact: David@GoldenHourArt.com

9 thoughts on “About The Artist

  1. Hi Mr. Saccheri!

    I wanted to let you know that I love and very much enjoy the panoramic location paintings you made for “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” (1995). Thank you and have a great day!

    – Dan

  2. Thank you, Dan. So glad you liked them!

    There were many who worked on the backgrounds, one person doing the layouts and another shooting reference. But I absolutely loved painting them, so it is my pleasure that you enjoyed.

    Thank you for dropping me a line.

    Cheers and wishing you the best!

  3. Wow! You have so much amazing art! I love the acrylic portraits you have done. Another comment says you did work on Carmen Sandiago. Where could I see that?

  4. Hi, Ian! Thank you very much for the kind words.

    Yes, I did work on Carmen Sandiego a long time ago, when they first came up with the concept of 360 degree backgrounds for games. You can find the background paintings by clicking at the top of http://www.GoldenHourArt.com, where it says ‘David Saccheri’s Online Portfolio.’ That will take you to my Digital Portfolio of commercial work. At the top right, click on the word Backgrounds, and then scroll down until you eventually come upon them. They were great fun doing, and were among the very first things I did professionally as an artist (other than studio portraits and commissions). That was right about the time that mankind invented the wheel, you know, back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. 😉

    So there you go! Thank you for taking a moment to pop me a line. It was great hearing from you.

    Cheers and all the best!

  5. David was the best art teacher ever! He brought out the best of me as an artist! I was so sad when he left Arizona! He is such a talented person with the biggest heart!

  6. And I thought that YOU, Ms. Brette, were a wonderful, talented, lovely and FUN student to have in class. Didn’t the entire class have fun? We certainly did. Wonderful days, wonderful memories. Thank you for being a part of it. AND, may I add, it was pure joy painting portraits of both you and your younger sister. A lovely family. I’ll never forget the Andersons. I’ll be in touch. A lot to share.

  7. Hi there. A filed away memory of the Carmen Sandiego game you worked on (specifically the library scene) was dusted off by chance recently, and I found this blog. Your works with acrylic on linen are fantastic. Do you sell any of your original work?

  8. Hello, Miles! Great to hear from you!

    For a span of time, I was a gallery/studio artist, but am now retired and no longer sell my work. These days I paint what, when, and how I want, feeling I have earned the privilege. Should I ever reconsider, I will certainly let you know. Promise.

    Cheers, Miles! Wishing you the very best. And thank you for your interest. It’s very much appreciated.

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